Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fun Bangles from all Upcycled Materials

These Bangle Bracelets (which are in this spring :-) are made from plastic jars cut into rings, scraps of shopping bags left from other projects, buttons and beads saved from no longer used garments.

They are very light and flexible making them very comfortable to wear.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Wreath fashioned from Recycled Materials

This wreath was made from the scraps left from the weaving I've been doing from recycled shopping bags. Reminiscent of a craft project that was popular many years ago, I have purposely made it a little more shaggy looking, by using different sized and more irregular shaped scraps as the leftover bits and pieces dictated. I did also use a couple of bags that were torn and couldn't be used for my other projects. I made a frame from an old bent wire hanger formed into a circle, and then tied on the bottoms and handle portions that I had cut off from the various bags I was preparing for the loom, scattering the different colored printed sections throughout to give it little color. I then added two types of flowers with leaves, made from the same type of scraps by attaching them together and to the wreath frame with twisties that are used to close bread bags. Since it's made mostly of plastic it can be hung outside in the weather and can be rinsed if soiled.